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"The results were overwhelming! The professional presesentation gave our smal business the look of a a major corporation..."


Madsen Rayner Consulting
Business software consulting firm specializing in
business information management and systems design.


Position smaller IT consulting firm as credible solutions provider on large technology and business consulting contracts.

WDC Solution:

Re-branded the 13-person firm with new logo and
positioning line — Fluent in Techonology & Business — reflecting principals’ large accounting and corporate business background. The targeted brochure content replacing previous 1-color tri-panel brochure, included: ROI case study summaries, list of typical client problems solved, description of MRC approach in 5 service categories.


  • 100% achivement of objective – increased the firm’s
    credibility and favorable sales response. Partners
    expressed delight in final marketing material.
  • “I truly believe it made the difference in our
    landing our newest client, Optima Healthcare. We were
    in competition with a Big 4 company, and I don’t
    believe that without the professionalism of the
    brochure and cards we would not have gotten the job.” MRC partner Debbie Rayner
  • Repositioned firm and increased brand valuation
    subsequently led to sale of the business to now
    100-person IT firm.



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