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"The results were overwhelming! The professional presesentation gave our smal business the look of a a major corporation..."


ORIMtec Web site
Neurological Surgical Monitoring services for
spinal/cranial surgeries


Develop a relevant Web site for multi-level visitor, multi-audience profile, about the need for expert neurological monitoring services during cranial/spinal surgeries.

WDC Solution:

Develop a simple, easy-to-navigate, resource-rich Web site that provides information specific to surgeons, patients and hospital audiences with relevant data, white papers and animations to choose from.


  • Measurably increased positive customer feedback in sales and marketing outreach in target prospect group [medical executives], partners and insurers.
  • 100% of communication objectives met, generating superlative customer comments.
  • “. . .when I look at competitor web sites, I feel that we are light years ahead in our professionalism and the information we impart. It was well worth the time and effort. Thank you.”
    Richard Slepian, President, ORIMtec

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