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"The results were overwhelming! The professional presesentation gave our smal business the look of a a major corporation..."


PRIDE Industries 40th Anniversary Retrospective
2005 Annual Report
Non-profit organization providing jobs for people with disabilities


Develop a concise annual report — present the year in review plus future plans plus communicate 40 years of growth — showcasing PRIDE’s unique social/business mission of employing people with disabilities.

WDC Solution:

Focus the multi-layered publication on the people/faces of PRIDE using enthusiastic photos of CEO to mid-level manager to the disabled worker. WD was able to extract and present dense information, a 40-year timeline plus current progress in a limited 12-page format.


  • Top Annual Report award for best practices from the Sacramento Public Relations Association mirrors the company’s distribution as flagship end-of-year/40 year commemoration report
  • Relevant Sales tool: Sales team re-purposed financial pages as additional sales outreach.

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