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"The results were overwhelming! The professional presesentation gave our smal business the look of a a major corporation..."


Robert Olson Associates [ROA] website
Emergency preparedness consulting firm


Upgrade ROA website to more accurately represent the expertise and experience of this industry-leading emergency preparedness consulting firm. ROA provides consulting to governmental agencies and private firms to develop emergency preparedness strategies, disaster response plans, hazard mitigation and loss prevention plans.

WDC Solution:

After reviewing the purchase process and information needs of ROA clients, exisitng content was organized and new content suggested. A simple and intuitive information structure was designed for ease of visitor navigation.

The solution was to frame the services offered in light of an actual emergency situation or probable disaster. We made a strong case for outsourced expertise in disaster plan development — fully compliant to prevailing laws and regulations vs. lengthy non-expert, in-house development.
We positioned ROA services as a superior alternative to large consulting firms with junior staff delivering actual work vs. the ROA custom-tailored team of experts.


  • The client’s definition of success is “A website that is an accessible and informative communication experience that users ‘enjoy’ and that imparts a good impression of ROA.”
  • “The website was ‘100% absolutely successful’ and met my expectations.”
    Bob Olson, President, ROA

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